FarmTech Conclave 2023

The rise in start-up culture across the country has not overlooked the agriculture sector. Several ventures, particularly in Karnataka, have undertaken the task of using technology to grow out of traditional agricultural practices. Their main focus is to provide useful, affordable and innovative solutions to a number of challenges faced across the agricultural value chain. These start-ups act as a platform for networking between farmers, input dealers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers thereby providing growers with access to a strong and well-established market.

The agri-tech start-up sector is also creating several market opportunities, primarily in digitising agriculture, improving farmers' access to real-time information, increasing transparency across the value chain, providing farmers with higher-quality implements to increase yields, and providing farmers with micro-financing options to manage risks. Read more >>   

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The Conference will address market linkage issues such as retail,....
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Vision Talks

This is aimed to provide a visionary perspective on the future of the...
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The Farmtech Conclave 2023 will offer opportunities to various Agritech...
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Product Demo

The purpose of these demos is to showcase the application of technology...
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The Department of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka,...
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B2B Meetings

During the two days of FarmTech Conclave, an advanced....
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